Monday, 23 September 2013


Block 4 Quilting Day

Well as usual we were checking the letter box every day as our Quilting day came closer, would block 4 arrive in time for the allotted day?   

Yes!! the message read "Blocks in" and Lynne immediately ran out to her letter post to see if hers had also arrived.  Like a couple of school girls we get quite excited when our block arrives :-)

Quilting day for block 4 had a little addition we also had our traditional Christmas pudding making day.  We had an early start so that we could get the puddings on the boil and start our block.
Puddings in the making
Puddings finished

The 2 Bernies
 Once the puddings were on the boil it was time to get started on our block. This one turned out to be very straight forward, (my words for a little easier than some) and was well and truly finished by lunch time.

 Then it was on to some other projects. Lynne had a lovely black, white and red rag quilt she has made for a friend. She needed some more labels so we made her a page of labels, and she finished off the quilt properly, with a newly designed label.
Lynne's new label

Black White and Red
My current project is a rag quilt for our Caravan bed.  Its queen size so that's a lot of squares to put together but I am slowly getting through it.  "No rush".  

Queen Size Rag under construction

Of course there is always happy hour.  It wouldn't be quilting day without a glass of champagne !

Pam and Lynne


Monday, 9 September 2013


Quilting Day - Block 3

After a couple of busy weeks and waiting for the BOM 3 to arrive we finally had a quilting day.  Yay!!

Bom 3 was a little tricky lots of little triangles.  We are getting much more confident and a lot less worried about the corners matching up exactly.  We have a couple of sayings .... "a blind man would be pleased to see it" or "overall effect ... look at the big picture"   Lynne constantly tells me we are not putting it in the Easter show but I think we should try at least one quilt in the Easter Show one day :-)
Block  3


The new Bernie had her first outing today and although she has done quite a bit of work at home already, today was her first block and she did a great job too!

New Girls First Block
The old and new

There  will always be a happy hour of course :-)

After our BOM3 it was on to some cutting a Queen Size Rag for my Caravan and Lynne was making a rag for a friend. 

Another great day, next quilting day will incorporate our annual Xmas pudding making.  That will be a really busy day :-)

Pam and Lynne