Wednesday, 7 October 2015



So my neice asked us to make a quilt out of a single bed quilt cover she had bought and didn't like.  The parcel arrived and we thought about it for a while and put it aside for a while longer until finally it had to be done.  We looked up some patterns to get ideas and maybe download something to follow.  We found one we liked but couldn't get the pattern by download so we made our own just from looking at the picture.  We were very pleased with ourselves our first quilt designed by us.  Well mostly designed by us we didn't have a pattern. This whole project of course required a trip to Hobby Sew for fabric where we found some plain colours and white to match the colours of the cover.  We bit the bullet and cut up the quilt cover, saved the back for backing and proceeded to fussy cut all the birds and trees.    Then it was put asside for another quilting day to piece it.  The backing was a little small so we added squares to make it fit. 

Overall we are very pleased with ourselves we basically designed and pieced the whole thing from a quilt cover.  Quilting it, we decided on something new and did diagonal lines over the whole quilt. 

The only downside was we didn't take a photo of the original quilt cover and I am also disappointed that we didn't think to make a video for You Tube of how to make a quilt from a quilt cover :-(