Thursday, 10 September 2015


Berry Quilting Retreat

This is the second year we attended this one and its such fun.  We chose the course with Michelle Marvig for the second time.  She is a great teacher and has such lovely patterns and well as an amazing eye for colour.

This one was the Midori Float.  Because we were going away on holiday the week before the weekend we had to make sure we had all our materials ready.  Another shopping trip or two the collect the many different colours of fabrics for this one.

So of course there is another project in the works not sure what i will do with this one but I am thinking that I will try to quilt it with an all over pattern.  When ever I get to that point. So far we have the Centre completed and are working on the corners.


New Classes

Some time ago we decided to sign up for the Westalee Ruler Foot course the price included the foot and templates as well as an online course.  Sounded great at the time.  There were some hiccups in the begining waiting on our parts to arrive.  I had mine for some time before Lynne finally got hers.  We set out and bought some fabric to make the project involved which was a quilt as you go.

We watched the first lesson and got into it we were quite enjoying it also involved being part of an online forum which after a while became quite tedious with people discussing there personal problems rather than the course.... grrrr.

Then problems struck Lesson 5 didn't arrive when it should have apparently the lady demonstrating hurt her arm and the video wasns't completed!!!  This is a worry...why weren't they already done before taking our money???  Not happy with this at all and voiced my disappointment on the forum which earned me a blast from all the other ladies...  Lucky I am not sensitive the that type of thing other wise I would have slit my wrists lol  :-)

Then disaster the bloke filming had a heart attack.... unbelievable I am not game enough to comment on the forum but consequently we are still waiting on Lesson 6 which should have been delivered 10 days ago.   Lesson learnt careful what you sign up for check out the reviews first.

So we now have another project half finished lets hope its not too long.



It has been some time since I posted on this blog...  maybe because we get so busy we forget to stop and just think about whats happening around us.  

We have continued to have our Quilting days but now it rotates between houses and I have a wonderful new sewing room.  Thanks to my husband and his grand ideas :-)    He suggested one day that we do away with our formal dinning room and make it into a sewing room.  We never used the dinning room except maybe when we had extras for dinner and christmas.  So the planning began this changed involved somehow reducing the size of the table or selling it and buying a new one!!  

So Gumtree it was in the mean time my husband had a quote to cut down the table!!!!   What!!! you mean cut down that beautiful timber trable!!!  No way!!! The quote came back and wow thats a lot of money.   We had no response to our add on Gumtree and were looking at new tables in the mean time but after all the discussions and looking we decided that cutting down the table was the best solution. So the move began it has taken a few weeks to get it right but now we are very happy with the result we love the new layout of the lounge/dinning room and our new Smaller table.  At the same time I have soooo much room its just great.

 TV was the extra addition although my son in law wanted to know why I needed a TV in a sewing room.  Silly boy doesn't he know we have to watch Youtubes all the time.

We also added a design board which is the best thing its great to be able to stick blocks and quilts up on the wall to stand back and photograph or just look.