Monday, 29 September 2014



Full day at quilting today and we managed to complete 2 wishes blocks, we have 2 more waiting to be done but decided the complete our Factured Daisy runners. 

After looking closely we decided that some more quilting was required in the centre of the daisies so Lynne decided to practice some free motion quilting with her BSR and I simply used my embroidery food and stitched around the outside.  The BSR made quite a difference in keeping everything even and flat but we are both very happy with the finished product just the hand sewing on the binding to go.

Wishes Block 7 lots of small squares and triangles but fun to do.

Wishes Block 8 this one was made up of half square triangles and it took us a little while to figure out which size paper to use and then cut them out but it went together  quite quickly after all that.

All this was followed by a lovely dinner created by Lynnes daughter... another great quilting day.

Monday, 22 September 2014


Quilting Again

We have finally been able to get back to our regular quilting days in Lynne's sewing room.  We have two in a row and another one next week.    We have to catch up on so much.

We decided that our first two days should be spent on finishing our Fractured Daisy Table Runners so at least we will have finished a project completed.

We spent our second day just adding borders and quilting which was lots of fun even though a bit scarey.  We are very pleased with these not quite done yet but only the binding to go.

Fractured Daisy

My Factured Daisy

Lynne's Factured Daisy
Of course there was happy hour and Lynne's daughter cooked up a magnificent dinner which was great as it let us continue with our sewing without worrying about stopping to prepare a meal.
Next week its onto our Wishes blocks we have 3 to catch up on wonder how many we can complete in one day??  :-)


My New Machine

I finally decided after our weekend retreat that I needed to get a new machine.  So Hubby and I went off the the Newcastle Stitches and Craft show mainly because I felt this was the best place to check out the machines and get a good price.

I practically had to convince him that I didn't need the larger machine and I would be happy with the Bernina 550QE the same as Lynnes.  So... because we didn't spend the money on the larger machine we also bought the Sewing machine cabinet and a cutting Table from the Horn stand.    All very exciting and I picked up my machine from Kim Bradley Creations at Castle Hill.   This is a wonderful shop and I don't how we have missed it up until now she has some beautiful fabrics.  I think this will be our new fabric shop :-) 

All ready for a next Quilting day.

Now my other two machines are packed up and will be put away somewhere!!  Not sure where! but Dad doesn't want mum's back so I have to find somewhere for it.... sentimental value and maybe I may consider selling my old machine one day.

So..... here she is my new Bernie or should I call her Bernice??

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Berry Quilting Retreat

Sometime earlier this year Lynne convinced me to join her in booking in to the Berry Quilting Retreat.  Not that I didn't want to go but it was 1 week after my overseas trip so I was a little apprehensive about the timing not to mention I was also very scared that we hadn't done anything like this before and we have only been doing this for a short time we are real novices !!!

It was a real rush to get together our material with several attempts to get time to go over to The Craft Depot to buy fabric and it was also very difficult to choose fabric for something we didn't have a pattern for just a materials list which in itself was very complicated.  Anyway we managed to get some fabric and other items we needed.

On Friday night we set off to Berry, Lynne was navigator and I was driving of course we missed the turn.... not to worry we will take the alternative route...... through Kangaroo Valley in the rain on a dark night.... this I don't recommend.  We eventually arrived at our motel which was very basic but OK.  Then we set out to find some dinner and eventually landed in the Pub where we had a most wonderful meal.  Off to bed very nervous about the following day.... what would it be like....will we do OK???

Next hurdle was the fact the nothing was open in Berry before 8:00 and registration was 8:30 - 9:00 but all was OK we arrived at the School of Arts at 8:45 plenty of time for morning tea and to get the information we needed to go off the our alloted hall for our 2 days workshop.  We had chosen Michelle Marvig, Fractured Daisy bed Runner mainly because we understood we could finish it over the 2 days..... we were wrong on that point!!

As soon as we walked into the hall we knew it would all be OK Michelle is really friendly and we felt welcome straight away.  We met some lovely ladies and found out we are pretty good...for Novices... even though we didn't finish our bed runner we learnt lots and have made a deal to finish this one before we move on to finishing anything else.

We met Kerryn from SA who told us about a Retreat in her state and it sounds very very interesting so we will look out for this one next year :-)

Lynne's block 1 and Border
Pam's 2 Blocks and Border

Pam Block 1 and Border