Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Extra Quilting Day :-)

Well due to the extreme wet weather my sons mountain bike race was cancelled so we had a free weekend.  A quick SMS to Lynne and without a moments hesitation an extra quilting day was arranged for Sunday.

It was a lovely surprise when I arrived at her house to find her wonderful hubby had built us a new cutting table just perfect for two cutting boards with a light directly overhead (which I had requested) just below the TV so we could watch our instruction videos while cutting :-)

Our main project for the day was our Block 4 wishes quilt.  Kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop demonstrated this one with half square triangle paper and during the week I had found a computer program to print your own half square triangle paper in sizes and 1 to 7 inches so we were able to print our own 3 1/2" half square triangle paper.  This made an enormous different to the making of this block.  Using the paper makes the half square triangles so much more accurate.  This one was finished with very little fuss although Lynne made a small mistake in the last join but she decided that because the joints were perfect and it really made no difference to the finished quilt she would leave it as is and put her own stamp on the quilt.

Lynne's Block

Pam's Block
After lunch we started working on a little easter bunny that Lynne had found the pattern for. These were quite fiddly and by the time I had finished I had had quite enough of stuffed bunnies. Although they turned out very cute.  Unfortunately we didn't take any photographs :-(  maybe I can add one later.

Bunnyies all done and it was time to continue with our Quilt as you Go Split peronality quilt.  So many quilts on the go at once !!!.

These are great to make and are coming together very well although we still have quite a way to go

Of course there was a  happy hour and dinner with the hubbies.  We had another great quilting especially good because it was an extra :-)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014



We had a very big weekend sewing it was so much fun. 

Firstly on Saturday we attended a course at Craft Depot on Quilt As You Go - Split Personality Quilt with Meg Orr.  This was an excellent day we learnt so much. 

Although it was all a little daunting in the beggining with 8 ladies in the class only 1 we had met before and they all seemed to know each other AND the teacher and all appeared to have done some of Meg's courses in the past.  Once the day got underway we realised we know as much as the next quilter and our worries were put aside. We both finished 3 squares and joined two of them together.  It was amazing that all the materials were completely different.  Meg's courses are always good and we were very happy with our quilts or part there of :-).

Of course as soon as we got home to Lynne's we were back at it joining and finishing a couple more squares.  Unfortunately hubbies had to be fed and so we had to put it all aside until the next morning.

Split Personality first blocks
Sunday after a yummy breakfast we were back at it.
First job was Block 10 .  This one was different than the last 3 and we had it done by lunchtime we are getting good at these now although I got a couple of my pieces in back to front but it was easy to fix and they even measure up pretty well.
Block 10
After lunch we moved on the Wishes Block 3 and this involved something we had not done before.  So we watched Kimberley's video through carefully and started our Half Square Triangles made with paper.  Paper piecing is very easy and accurate so we are hoping to be able to do some more.  This method made this block quite easy to put together and we always like to learn something new.
Wishes Block 3

Then some more on our Split Personality quilts in the afternoon until hubbies came in looking for dinner :-(

My Split Personality blocks

Of course there is alway always happy hours :-)

Lynne and Pam