Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Old Location

Quilting day was back at my home with the lure of a Spa after Lynne couldn't resist we don't have as much room but we managed to take up the whole lounge room with tables and machines.  We had a great fun day piecing a quilt for a friend now we have to piece the back, baste it and then decide how we will quilt it.

We continued the afternoon working on setting up a new Westalee Ruler foot which we have purchased along with the course on how to use it.  Hopefully this will help with our freehand quilting.

As always there was happy hour followed the dinner and a spa.  I think during winter we must have some more of these.




Well its been a while since I wrote on this blog but life has just got way to hectic and quilting days are few and far between lately.  What with all of us that 6 of us turning 60 this year we are all busy organising parties and my son had an engagement party as well which I eventually had to help organise and run even though it was his and his fiance's party.  What can I say I am a control freak and they just had no idea how to go about running a party :-)

My blog today has come about because I was sitting thinking about all the quilting projects we have on the go at the moment not to mention the ones on my wish list and the ones Lynne has hidden in boxes in her cupboard.

So here is our combined list

Block of the Month 2013
This one is in the process of quilting but has come to a stop because we both were unhappy with our quilting skills and that has caused another UFO :-)

Wishes quilt along 2014
Blocks completed waiting on putting it all together and quilting

Pebble Pathway
This is a combined gift for our friends turning 60 so far we have the kit and cut out and pieced just waiting for an opportunity to piece the back, baste it and then decide how we will quilt it.  So far we are very happy with the top.

My King Size Town Square
This is one for my own bed I have all the fabric (bought on special) ready to go just need some time to start on it.

Lynne's Reece and Scannell Queen Bed
This is one bought at the Berry Retreat last year and has finally got to work on it its almost ready to baste then... how to quilt it???

Snap Shots
I am working on this one with my Daughter its Fat Quarter Shop quilt along unfortunately she is a shift worker so we need to pick our times to get together but when we do its fun we have completed two blocks each so far.

Dear Jane
The ever present Dear Jane will be finished when its finished.  Who knows when, its just something to play with every now and then.  I quite enjoy paper peicing in my lunch hour some of the harder blocks.

Double Wedding Ring
The mother of them all.  We are tackling this as a threesome My daughter, Lynne and I so far we have the fabric and the templates and a day allotted to cut we have until June 2016 so there is plenty of time ( she says with confidence)   But will we but rushing at the end... possibly :-)

This is just a small part of the list I know Lynne has at least two more kits in her cupboard and I have several patterns I am planning to make with my left overs.  So I suppose these are not UFO but a wish list.  Of course we also have the Berry Retreat comming up.... she talked me into it again it falls the weekend after we return from holidays not the best time but we have chosen a class with Michelle Marvig so I couldn't resist.  We still have to buy the fabric for this one thats always complicated when it a Michelle Marvig project also quite scarry.

So we best get on with all this.