Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Our own Personal Quilt Camp

This is the first of many we hope.  Our plan this week was finish our Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block of the Month from 2013 we finished all the blocks some time ago so it was time to finish.

First job was to square up all our blocks.  Lynnes were all pretty good because she had redone some to correct some obvious errors in sizing.  Mine were all trimmed down to 12 1/4"

When we first started this project we had no idea what we were doing which is very obvious when we look back at some of the things we have done.  Like the small 9 patch blocks that go into the sashing.  Unfortunately we didn't have enough material to redo them completely so in the words of Lynne's old Granny "we will just make it come right"  :-).

By the end of day one we have all the blocks joined with red and cream strips and 9 patch blocks and we were very happy with outselves.

Day 2 saw addition of the next two borders and the begging of the flying geese....50 of them.  I suggested we skip this part of the part of the border but Lynne made us push on.  I am glad she did.

Day 3 Flying geese and guess what!!! they fit we were very very happy with the finished product and with the addition of the final border  and preparation of the batting and backing we were ready to glue the layers toger.
50 Flying Geese

They Fit Yay!!
Day 4  We spent quite some time thinking and pacing around the table deciding which way to attack this large quilt but we worked it out in the end and the second one went very quickly.  Followed by some washing of the timber deck as it had become very sticky and then a swim to cool off.

Next we set up the room and began with some ditch stitching just a few rows as it was late in the afternoon and time to close our very first Quilt Camp with a swim and Champagne.

Ready to Quilt


The End of the Year is Comming

We have had a couple of quilting days comming up to Christmas we both had projects to finish some for Pressies and others just for fun like the Owl Pot holders.  I though it was a cute pattern :-) Turns our they are a pain to make took us most of the day..... what a waste :-)  Never mind my Son's Fiance loved it... although I don't think we will be making more.  I completed my Santa wall hanging and we both completed a Ribbon Pattern Quilt for two separate babies.

Santa Banner
Ribbon Quilt
Own Pot Holder
Looking forward to our planned week of quilting after New Year.  Our own personal Quilt Camp.  Should be lots of fun.