Thursday, 8 May 2014


This weekend we squeezed in another quilting day.... two in a row thats always fun although my housework doesn't get done but who cares.

So on our extra day I continued with my split personality while Lynne tackled some Dear Jane.... our very very long term project.  She spent some time learning and successfully completing a piece with applique all hand done of course another learning curve for us not using the sewing machine!!

After lunch we tackled one block together which involved some very tricky curves.  This block puzzled us for quite a while until we decided to part machine piece and finish with reverse applique another lesson in hand sewing the finished result was not too bad.  "Not perfect but finished" my favourite saying when it comes to tricky Dear Jane blocks.
Lynn'e Hunters Moon

Lynnes first applique

Pam's Hunters Moon

BLOCK 11 and 5

Block 11

Well we are getting close to the end of our Mystery Block of the Month Quilt we just completed block 11 that means only 1 to go.  Then the hard work begins squaring up the blocks and adding the sashings.  Then there are all those flying geese around the its really a long way from being finished, but we have learnt a lot about cutting and piecing quilt block and keeping them square.

Block 5 Wishes Quilt

This one is a real lesson in quilting for us because each block uses a different technique that we haven't yet done so its great fun because we are learning all the time.  This time was a log cabin and it was really quite straight forward (I cannot bring myself to say easy).  I was always a bit scared of log cabins because they always looked so complicated but actually they are much quicker to complete than other squares.

Happy hour of course... there always is a happy hour and check out the beautiful scissor lanyard Lynne's daughter made her for her birthday.... a bit classy.