Monday, 24 November 2014


Block 11 and 12

We had a great very productive quilting day.  First we started on block 11 of our wishes quilt which was completed in record time.  It was a fairly straight forward block.

We then discovered we also had the pattern and instructions for Block 12 so off we went straight into the next block which is the last one.  This one was quite tricky a little like the first block of our BOM but we are much more skilled now :-) and we carefully follow the instructions and there were only a couple of reverse quilting moments and it was finished and we both were very happy with the result.
Next year we will attempt to put it all together.

The rest of our afternoon was devoted to sandwiching Lynne's ribbon quilt and unlike previous times we managed to work out a way of doing it on a table instead of crawling around the floor.  Much much better and quicker.
Happy hour of course and a lovely curry dinner.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Christmas Pudding Day plus Quilting

Today was our traditional Christmas Pudding Day so our morning was spent making puddings.  Once we got them on and cooking it was time to start on Block 10 of our wishes quilt. 

This one was quite challenging with lots of Flying Geese to make up the star points.  We were both very happy with the finished product.  This quilt has been a great way to learn different techniques.  Only 2 blocks to go. 

We have already made plans for the next few weeks to work on some Christmas projects and over the Christmas break we will be finishing our original Block of the Month Sampler.  Lots to do and lots more we both want to do.  Sew much to do and Sew little time to Sew.

Of course there was happy hour and dinner with Christmas pudding for desert.