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I was invited to an engagement of my sons friend and decided it would be nice to make them a quilt.   I really did't have time to shop for fabric and make it.  Lynne had some fabric she had bought on special and said she would help me.  so we set about making a disappearing nine patch in a week. We cut and pieced it on a Saturday afternoon and basted it on Sunday afternoon.  I then spent the week quilting and binding.  All done in a week.  And the couple were very impressed with their gift.  As always once it was finished I felt sorry I was giving it away :-)


For ages I have wanted to make a disappearing nine patch so when my Neice's 40th birthday came up I decided that was a great excuse to make one.  Lynne and I went off shopping at our new favourite shop.  Kim Bradley Creations in Castle Hill.  We chose some great fabrics to make a modern quilt because that's the kind of person my Neice is. 

It was fun to make although half way through I decided I didn't like it :-(..... Oh No.... but when it was finished I actually loved it and I am very sorry I have to give it away.

Kate's Disappearing nine patch

Sometime ago I found a project online and as soon as I saw it I thought of Lynne's sister.  I immediately sent it to Lynne saying you have to buy this for your sister which she did and finally finished it just in time for her birthday.  It was a steampunk panel and Lynne has done a wonderful job of quilting it in various ways and adding some little charms, cogs, keys and buttons to the individual squares.

Hard at work


My very first quilting project was a christmas table runner and I finally finished it just in time for Christmas :-)


My son has been making noises about not having a quilt made for him for quite some time so at the Quilt show in Sydney I bought some 1/2 m pieces of flannel to make a flannel rag quilt.  They were mainly plain blue's and browns which were quite manly pieces and with the addition of a coulple of other pieces from Berry I finally make him his quilt. 

I decided after our Berry Retreat to have a go at some applique and put an A on the last block to personalise it for him.

I think it turned our very nice and I also think he likes it.


After lots of searching, reading and looking at fabric I have decided that the best backing fabric for my Dear Jane is calico.  I am reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars on fabric that I may keep in the cupboard for 10 years or however long it takes me to complete this project.  So I know quilts made many years ago were made from whatever fabric was available sometimes old clothing etc so it would be appropriate to use a simple fabric like calico.  It is always available and inexpensive.  Having decided this I took out some calico that I have and found an appropriate green fabric from my small stash and started on Block A1 it was a great opportunity to try some foundation paper piecing.  I have a copy of the CD which my daughter gave me so I can print out the patterns in any form I need.  I was ver happy with the final result and found it quite easy to piece using this method which also makes a very acurate block.  One down 168 just for the centre :-)

A-1, Pinwheel Gone Awry


I had a long lasting project on the go making placemats.  The patterned turned out to be quite complicated and I found them a bit tedious so decided that 2 placemats would be quite sufficient.  They are finally finished now and I am very happy with them.  May even go back to finished the other 2 :-)  They have already been put to use everyday.  Now I am very keen to finish my xmas runner that was actually my very first project.  The thing that prompted me to finished these was learning to bind my projects at the basic quilting Meg gave us some great tips and its all really clear now and so not such a daunting part of the project.


We took part in a Basic Quilting course at The Craft Depot we really enjoyed the day and although we have been "quilting" for a while there is still a lot for us to learn even at a basic level.  We both completed a small project learning lots about 9 patch squares and half square triangles.  The best thing we got from the day was 12 1/2 inch square rulers.  These rulers have now created some work for us because when we got home and measured our BOM's  omg they where not square or the correct size !!!!   Lynne how now unpicked and redone 3 of her BOM so that they are now perfect 12 1/2" square.  I have to think long and hard about whether or not I will do that :-)


My second major project is a Queen size rag quilt for the bed in our caravan.  My idea was to make a version of one I found on the internet with four colour blocks paired with one main colour.  After some agonizing over the fabrics and some difficulty finding the right flannel for the back my project began.  It has taken some time to complete but its finally finished and labelled.  It took almost half a day just for the label but I am very pleased with the finished quilt and can't wait to put it on the caravan.


Lynne's sister's birthday was on the way and the question was asked "what can I get for her birthday?'.   The answer came from her niece "mum thinks your making her a quilt?"  So a very quick shopping trip and the quilt was soon finished just in time for the birthday.  Beautiful colours, great work Lynne.

Wendy's Birthday Quilt


I found this great pattern on the net for bed caddy so I decided to have a go.  The original pattern had a butterfly on the pocket but as I was making it for Hubby I decided a Rooster Applique would be much more appropriate.  The bed caddy turn out great, not so sure about the applique but hey looks ok from a distance :-)  I really do need to learn more about applique.

Hubby's rooster bed caddy


Lynne had a request from her daughter to make a bag for her Yoga mat.  So she put her thinking cap on and took an idea from the scrappy bag pattern and produced a great bag from a Jelly Roll,  plus one for her daughters friend.

Yoga Mat roll


Lynne had a request from her niece for a rag quilt for her friend so with some idea of the colours in the home she chose some beautiful black white and red fabrics and made a really stunning rag quilt.  I am sure they will be very happy with their hand made gift.


We all tend to have some unfinished projects waiting in line and this is one of my first started at the end of last year well before I even decided to sign up for Block of the Month.  So now it almost finished just the border and binding to be done and hopefully it will be ready for this Christmas :-)  Fingers crossed XX


So I decided I needed to have a go at freehand quilting, I had a small square I had made to test some sizing for my queen size rag quilt.  I added a backing and some batting to make a small 8" sandwich and off I went.  Not as easy as it might look but I didn't do too bad at least I got the idea and will try some more.  We have an online course that I think we need to follow very soon. :-)

Pam's first freehand :-)


Lynne's mum Janet admired her first rag quilt saying how much she would like one but thinking "my order is way down the list", but as its her birthday and Lynne has a new machine to christen, Janet's quilt was next on the list and finished in record time.  It looks beautiful and I think the colours and patterns are perfect for Janet.  I am sure she will be surprised and very pleased with her new quilt.


This was a free pattern I found while scouring the quilting and fabric websites and I really liked the look of it.  I picked up a Jelly Roll and some Homespun for lining and other bits and pieces needed. This project didn't take long at all especially using a Jelly Roll.  I was very happy with the result and hopefully we will make some more for pressies.

More Little Scrappy Pods

Of course the provider of our pattern must have a Scrappy sewing pod so Lynne made her one immediately and it looks fantastic, beautiful colours and she even put one of our great new labels inside.  Well done Lynne :)

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