Monday, 24 November 2014


Block 11 and 12

We had a great very productive quilting day.  First we started on block 11 of our wishes quilt which was completed in record time.  It was a fairly straight forward block.

We then discovered we also had the pattern and instructions for Block 12 so off we went straight into the next block which is the last one.  This one was quite tricky a little like the first block of our BOM but we are much more skilled now :-) and we carefully follow the instructions and there were only a couple of reverse quilting moments and it was finished and we both were very happy with the result.
Next year we will attempt to put it all together.

The rest of our afternoon was devoted to sandwiching Lynne's ribbon quilt and unlike previous times we managed to work out a way of doing it on a table instead of crawling around the floor.  Much much better and quicker.
Happy hour of course and a lovely curry dinner.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Christmas Pudding Day plus Quilting

Today was our traditional Christmas Pudding Day so our morning was spent making puddings.  Once we got them on and cooking it was time to start on Block 10 of our wishes quilt. 

This one was quite challenging with lots of Flying Geese to make up the star points.  We were both very happy with the finished product.  This quilt has been a great way to learn different techniques.  Only 2 blocks to go. 

We have already made plans for the next few weeks to work on some Christmas projects and over the Christmas break we will be finishing our original Block of the Month Sampler.  Lots to do and lots more we both want to do.  Sew much to do and Sew little time to Sew.

Of course there was happy hour and dinner with Christmas pudding for desert.

Monday, 13 October 2014


Block Nine... Getting Back on track.

We seem to have a couple of partly finished quilts and other things are coming in the way of completing them but we completed Block nine of our wishes quilt before we moved onto a couple of individual projects that needed to be done.

Wishes quilt along has been a great way to learn some different techniques like half square triangle paper which we use.  It often takes us a while to sort out which size to use but in the end it saves time overall.

Block Nine

There was a happy hour but I missed the photo it was a busy busy day.

Monday, 29 September 2014



Full day at quilting today and we managed to complete 2 wishes blocks, we have 2 more waiting to be done but decided the complete our Factured Daisy runners. 

After looking closely we decided that some more quilting was required in the centre of the daisies so Lynne decided to practice some free motion quilting with her BSR and I simply used my embroidery food and stitched around the outside.  The BSR made quite a difference in keeping everything even and flat but we are both very happy with the finished product just the hand sewing on the binding to go.

Wishes Block 7 lots of small squares and triangles but fun to do.

Wishes Block 8 this one was made up of half square triangles and it took us a little while to figure out which size paper to use and then cut them out but it went together  quite quickly after all that.

All this was followed by a lovely dinner created by Lynnes daughter... another great quilting day.

Monday, 22 September 2014


Quilting Again

We have finally been able to get back to our regular quilting days in Lynne's sewing room.  We have two in a row and another one next week.    We have to catch up on so much.

We decided that our first two days should be spent on finishing our Fractured Daisy Table Runners so at least we will have finished a project completed.

We spent our second day just adding borders and quilting which was lots of fun even though a bit scarey.  We are very pleased with these not quite done yet but only the binding to go.

Fractured Daisy

My Factured Daisy

Lynne's Factured Daisy
Of course there was happy hour and Lynne's daughter cooked up a magnificent dinner which was great as it let us continue with our sewing without worrying about stopping to prepare a meal.
Next week its onto our Wishes blocks we have 3 to catch up on wonder how many we can complete in one day??  :-)


My New Machine

I finally decided after our weekend retreat that I needed to get a new machine.  So Hubby and I went off the the Newcastle Stitches and Craft show mainly because I felt this was the best place to check out the machines and get a good price.

I practically had to convince him that I didn't need the larger machine and I would be happy with the Bernina 550QE the same as Lynnes.  So... because we didn't spend the money on the larger machine we also bought the Sewing machine cabinet and a cutting Table from the Horn stand.    All very exciting and I picked up my machine from Kim Bradley Creations at Castle Hill.   This is a wonderful shop and I don't how we have missed it up until now she has some beautiful fabrics.  I think this will be our new fabric shop :-) 

All ready for a next Quilting day.

Now my other two machines are packed up and will be put away somewhere!!  Not sure where! but Dad doesn't want mum's back so I have to find somewhere for it.... sentimental value and maybe I may consider selling my old machine one day.

So..... here she is my new Bernie or should I call her Bernice??

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Berry Quilting Retreat

Sometime earlier this year Lynne convinced me to join her in booking in to the Berry Quilting Retreat.  Not that I didn't want to go but it was 1 week after my overseas trip so I was a little apprehensive about the timing not to mention I was also very scared that we hadn't done anything like this before and we have only been doing this for a short time we are real novices !!!

It was a real rush to get together our material with several attempts to get time to go over to The Craft Depot to buy fabric and it was also very difficult to choose fabric for something we didn't have a pattern for just a materials list which in itself was very complicated.  Anyway we managed to get some fabric and other items we needed.

On Friday night we set off to Berry, Lynne was navigator and I was driving of course we missed the turn.... not to worry we will take the alternative route...... through Kangaroo Valley in the rain on a dark night.... this I don't recommend.  We eventually arrived at our motel which was very basic but OK.  Then we set out to find some dinner and eventually landed in the Pub where we had a most wonderful meal.  Off to bed very nervous about the following day.... what would it be like....will we do OK???

Next hurdle was the fact the nothing was open in Berry before 8:00 and registration was 8:30 - 9:00 but all was OK we arrived at the School of Arts at 8:45 plenty of time for morning tea and to get the information we needed to go off the our alloted hall for our 2 days workshop.  We had chosen Michelle Marvig, Fractured Daisy bed Runner mainly because we understood we could finish it over the 2 days..... we were wrong on that point!!

As soon as we walked into the hall we knew it would all be OK Michelle is really friendly and we felt welcome straight away.  We met some lovely ladies and found out we are pretty good...for Novices... even though we didn't finish our bed runner we learnt lots and have made a deal to finish this one before we move on to finishing anything else.

We met Kerryn from SA who told us about a Retreat in her state and it sounds very very interesting so we will look out for this one next year :-)

Lynne's block 1 and Border
Pam's 2 Blocks and Border

Pam Block 1 and Border

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Earlier this year we did a course at the Craft Depot with Meg Orr on a "quilt as you go" project called Split Personality. 

We have both been working seperately on these quilts and we have both finally completed them.  They are very different but both beautiful.  We are very very happy with our completed projects. 

Lynnes graces her lounge and look great mine is going to a special person for their birthday/house warming present.


Pam's (unfortunatelly sideways)

Friday, 6 June 2014


This was another quite straight forward block these are very nice to make.  We always watch Kimberly's video that goes with the pattern and she always has some little tip so its a great way of learning quilting. We are very much enjoying this project.

BLOCK 12 ....Last one

Well we finally made it to the last block, Block 12.  Very exciting now the fun begins..putting it all together.  We will now need to square up all the blocks and start adding the sashings and borders before we even think about quilting.  This may take another 12 months but thats what quilting for us is all about keeping us busy with our chosen hobby.

Block 12

All 12 Blocks

For the first time every we didn't have a happy hour or dinner today because Lynne was unwell but I am sure we will make up for that next time.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


This weekend we squeezed in another quilting day.... two in a row thats always fun although my housework doesn't get done but who cares.

So on our extra day I continued with my split personality while Lynne tackled some Dear Jane.... our very very long term project.  She spent some time learning and successfully completing a piece with applique all hand done of course another learning curve for us not using the sewing machine!!

After lunch we tackled one block together which involved some very tricky curves.  This block puzzled us for quite a while until we decided to part machine piece and finish with reverse applique another lesson in hand sewing the finished result was not too bad.  "Not perfect but finished" my favourite saying when it comes to tricky Dear Jane blocks.
Lynn'e Hunters Moon

Lynnes first applique

Pam's Hunters Moon

BLOCK 11 and 5

Block 11

Well we are getting close to the end of our Mystery Block of the Month Quilt we just completed block 11 that means only 1 to go.  Then the hard work begins squaring up the blocks and adding the sashings.  Then there are all those flying geese around the its really a long way from being finished, but we have learnt a lot about cutting and piecing quilt block and keeping them square.

Block 5 Wishes Quilt

This one is a real lesson in quilting for us because each block uses a different technique that we haven't yet done so its great fun because we are learning all the time.  This time was a log cabin and it was really quite straight forward (I cannot bring myself to say easy).  I was always a bit scared of log cabins because they always looked so complicated but actually they are much quicker to complete than other squares.

Happy hour of course... there always is a happy hour and check out the beautiful scissor lanyard Lynne's daughter made her for her birthday.... a bit classy.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Extra Quilting Day :-)

Well due to the extreme wet weather my sons mountain bike race was cancelled so we had a free weekend.  A quick SMS to Lynne and without a moments hesitation an extra quilting day was arranged for Sunday.

It was a lovely surprise when I arrived at her house to find her wonderful hubby had built us a new cutting table just perfect for two cutting boards with a light directly overhead (which I had requested) just below the TV so we could watch our instruction videos while cutting :-)

Our main project for the day was our Block 4 wishes quilt.  Kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop demonstrated this one with half square triangle paper and during the week I had found a computer program to print your own half square triangle paper in sizes and 1 to 7 inches so we were able to print our own 3 1/2" half square triangle paper.  This made an enormous different to the making of this block.  Using the paper makes the half square triangles so much more accurate.  This one was finished with very little fuss although Lynne made a small mistake in the last join but she decided that because the joints were perfect and it really made no difference to the finished quilt she would leave it as is and put her own stamp on the quilt.

Lynne's Block

Pam's Block
After lunch we started working on a little easter bunny that Lynne had found the pattern for. These were quite fiddly and by the time I had finished I had had quite enough of stuffed bunnies. Although they turned out very cute.  Unfortunately we didn't take any photographs :-(  maybe I can add one later.

Bunnyies all done and it was time to continue with our Quilt as you Go Split peronality quilt.  So many quilts on the go at once !!!.

These are great to make and are coming together very well although we still have quite a way to go

Of course there was a  happy hour and dinner with the hubbies.  We had another great quilting especially good because it was an extra :-)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014



We had a very big weekend sewing it was so much fun. 

Firstly on Saturday we attended a course at Craft Depot on Quilt As You Go - Split Personality Quilt with Meg Orr.  This was an excellent day we learnt so much. 

Although it was all a little daunting in the beggining with 8 ladies in the class only 1 we had met before and they all seemed to know each other AND the teacher and all appeared to have done some of Meg's courses in the past.  Once the day got underway we realised we know as much as the next quilter and our worries were put aside. We both finished 3 squares and joined two of them together.  It was amazing that all the materials were completely different.  Meg's courses are always good and we were very happy with our quilts or part there of :-).

Of course as soon as we got home to Lynne's we were back at it joining and finishing a couple more squares.  Unfortunately hubbies had to be fed and so we had to put it all aside until the next morning.

Split Personality first blocks
Sunday after a yummy breakfast we were back at it.
First job was Block 10 .  This one was different than the last 3 and we had it done by lunchtime we are getting good at these now although I got a couple of my pieces in back to front but it was easy to fix and they even measure up pretty well.
Block 10
After lunch we moved on the Wishes Block 3 and this involved something we had not done before.  So we watched Kimberley's video through carefully and started our Half Square Triangles made with paper.  Paper piecing is very easy and accurate so we are hoping to be able to do some more.  This method made this block quite easy to put together and we always like to learn something new.
Wishes Block 3

Then some more on our Split Personality quilts in the afternoon until hubbies came in looking for dinner :-(

My Split Personality blocks

Of course there is alway always happy hours :-)

Lynne and Pam

Monday, 10 March 2014

BLOCKS 8, 9 and 2

Block 8 Mystery Block of the Month

Well at last we got a chance to get together and work on our Blocks lots to do today we were very ambitious and thought we would get through 4 blocks in one day.  Ha not sure what we were thinking but we did quite well and did 3 blocks.

The first two blocks we attacked were our Mystery Block 8 and Block 9 which are 2 more houses so they were quite straight forward and we had them finished easily by lunch time.  We are very happy with the finished blocks.  These are slowly becoming much easier to understand and complete as we read and learn more about quilting.

Block 8

Block 9
After some lunch and time spent watching Fat Quarter Shop Video on our wishes quilt block 2, it was time to attack this one.  It took some time to get our heads around these many triangles and we watched the video a couple of time during the process, but we got there in the end. Mine was finished just in time for dinner with the hubbies and Lynne, who of course had to take time out to get dinner completed hers later in the week.  We still have one Wishes block to complete for this month so hopefully we will be able to get together before the next one is out :-)

Wishes Block 2

Of course there is always a happy hour :-)  I was just hoping that this one didn't add to our confusion with these triangles :-)

Friday, 31 January 2014


The old girl (my mum's Bernina 740 Favorit) had a small problem several weeks ago I dropped the peddle and after a short while it stopped working :-(  My son had a look at it and found that it had a serious crack which because it's very old Bakelite it was not repairable.   Soo....  off to our trusty sewing machine repairman and the prognosis was good, he was able to find me a replacement for only $25.... BARGAIN.

I was sternly told to look after it and don't drop it as these type of peddles although available in quite good condition are getting very old and brittle..  I am now very careful how I handle this one :-)

"New" Peddle

Monday, 20 January 2014



Finally we get the opportunity to work together in Lynne's new craft room.  It looks great and set up is perfect for us.

Our first job today was a trip to spotlight as I unfortunately or fortunately forgot my cutting board.  It was decided with a push from my hubby to go and buy a new one that I could leave in the craft room.   This was a great idea as I hate having to transport my board.

So after a successful shopping trip we started on block 7 this one was one of the more straight forward blocks,  I dare not say easy because none of them are really easy just more "straight forward".  It all went together very well and we are both happy with the finished result and with the performance of the new room.


 After a very yummy lunch and a short break it was into our new project "Wishes Quilt Along".  First job with this one was to set up Lynne's laptop to play through the TV, we are not always super good at IT but we got it working quite easily. We could then watch the You Tube video from Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop describing the requirements and the making of the first block.

Then it was time to start, this is always a little daunting with something totally new and the backing material was such a big piece :-/ but we managed to get it all cut.  Although I had some very frustrating problems with the measurements on my new mat and cut TWO squares wrong.  Now of course I hope that I have enough materials left for the rest of the blocks. "We can always order more" is my favourite saying :-)

We were very happy with the finished product and it was time for a swim and dinner with the family.

Its great to be back into quilting after a busy Christmas/New Year break, and we are looking forward to our next day.

Pam and Lynne


Thursday, 16 January 2014



We couldn't resist this new project which we ordered sometime last year from the Fat Quarter Shop.  The material has started to arrive and the patterns are downloaded from their website monthly along with a great little video on how to complete the each block.

With some luck we will be able to start this one this weekend along with our usual block of the month.  Fingers crossed that it all arrives on time.


It's been a while since I posted but the "Festive Season" has taken up most of our time and we have done very little in the way of sewing but its over now and we are about to get back at it.

Scattered Pins and Scraps now has a home of its own.  Lynne has converted one of her spare rooms into a craft room.  Its will be so much easier for us now with a place set aside where we can spread our "stuff" around.

Looking forward to our first session this Sunday :-)

Pam and Lynne