Thursday, 31 March 2016


2013 BOM
Secret Squirrel quilt
Midori float
Snap Shots
Wishes Quilt along
Handsewn Hexe quilt for Easter show 2017
Start and finish my King size bed quilt
Westalee quilts
AQC - Michelle's creation Kasuria
Possible memory quilt for Dad's 90th
Plan a quilt for Brenda's 70th Birthday

So lets see how we go hopefully these will all be done by 2017.

Well this is going well so far I have ticked of 4 of these two are completely finished 2013 BOM and Midori Float, Secret Squirrell and My King Size bed are just waiting on quilting and this is being done by someone else so it a waiting game.


My King Size bed  Town Square quilt top  is now finished but I am at a point of indecision as to how to quilt it.  I feel it needs something all over and I am not up to doing that as yet..... Maybe some day but not on this one.  Sooo the choice is ditch stitch all the squares or have it done by someone else.

We enquired from our local quilting store and were told 10-12 weeks..... Thats way too long for me so maybe I am thinking the person who is quilting our secret squirrel quilt would be a good option..  This all means that I  have to wait for a chance to take it to them.    Patience!!!!.


I have been working on a new table topper, we use these everyday instead of table cloth or placemats because there is only two of use it works as one big placemat to protect the timber table.  So my husband has been asking for another one so we can rotate.

This was a opportunity to test out the Swoon pattern I purchased a while ago.  So it sat down with paper and calculator to work out the best way to use the block or maybe 4 blocks and found that the 1 block was quite big enough with a couple of borders.  It was a fun block to make with lots of skills required like half square triangles and flying geese.  I am very happy with the finished product and now I think I will start on my Swoon quilt.

I am catching up on my finished projects, I have now finished my 2013 Block of the Month and almost finished my Midori Float so maybe now is the time to start something new :-)