Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Earlier this year we did a course at the Craft Depot with Meg Orr on a "quilt as you go" project called Split Personality. 

We have both been working seperately on these quilts and we have both finally completed them.  They are very different but both beautiful.  We are very very happy with our completed projects. 

Lynnes graces her lounge and look great mine is going to a special person for their birthday/house warming present.


Pam's (unfortunatelly sideways)

Friday, 6 June 2014


This was another quite straight forward block these are very nice to make.  We always watch Kimberly's video that goes with the pattern and she always has some little tip so its a great way of learning quilting. We are very much enjoying this project.

BLOCK 12 ....Last one

Well we finally made it to the last block, Block 12.  Very exciting now the fun begins..putting it all together.  We will now need to square up all the blocks and start adding the sashings and borders before we even think about quilting.  This may take another 12 months but thats what quilting for us is all about keeping us busy with our chosen hobby.

Block 12

All 12 Blocks

For the first time every we didn't have a happy hour or dinner today because Lynne was unwell but I am sure we will make up for that next time.