Monday, 16 December 2013


Its been a while!!

Well its been a couple of months since we added to this blog unfortunately I have been very busy most weekends so we had to squeeze in a Block day when we could which was the last day of November.  But block 6 arrived on time and we had a quilting day.  This one is a really lovely Star block.  I like these!, they are fairly simple to complete but fun and look great.

Block 6
As usual after your block was finished we moved on to other projects.  Lynne to another Rag quilt she has two to make for Christmas Presents so she will be busy.  I made a lovely apron for my son's girlfriend which was quite challenging for me but with Lynne's help I managed to work out the pattern and change it a little to suit amount of material I had.  I am very happy with the results.

My Apron

Lynne at work cutting backing

Of course there is always happy hour and dinner and a spa.

Happy Hour

Christmas is upon us so our next quilting won't be until next year and may that will need to be a double block day.  We will see.   Looking for some new projects to try out next year.

Pam and Lynn