Friday, 29 January 2016


Well the decision has been made and we are again doing the Fat Quarter Shop Mysery Designer Block of the Month.  Why not!!  The last one was fun even though it took two years to complete :-)  So the orders have been placed and we are now just waiting on the items to arrive. It starts in June :-)


I can't believe it I have finished my 2013 BOM the quilt that started my whole quilting journey.  I am very happy with it.  Although the quilting isn't really the best work but it was an exercise in free motion quilting.  I used my Westalee Ruler foot and a couple of the templates and some of the designs didn't come out exactly as I planned but it is great to have it finished.  I refused to start another project until I finished this one.  This photo is a little odd because it is sideways but you get the general idea.  I am very happy.  Now its time to move on the my king size quilt for my bed.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


We met up on the set day at Craft Depot with a view to buying the backing and binding fabric.  We each had different ideas about colours so I expected it to be a difficult shopping trip with lots of back and forth discussions ..... but no  we all agreed on the backing almost as soon as we walked into the shop. 

The problem then began when the shop assistant (who was extremely helpful) told us we need 20cm extra all around and the backing fabric was just not wide enough to after some discussion it was decided to put a strip of the 8 colours down the back.  An excellent idea although someone mentioned off centre and that bothered me.. a lot!!  It was then on to binding and that also was very easy it didn't take long to find a fabric matching one of the colours. 

So fabric purchased it was off home to complete the few seams left..  Afte some of us had a few problems and what with stopping for lunch this took most of the day.  We still have to finish off the backing and find a quilter.  I really didn't think that would be hard but it is a serious decision to make and time is running on we have to be finished by 4th June or before. 

The day ended with a champagne and after BJ went home dinner and a spa.  Great day!!  No photos of course because its Secret

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


We had a lovely morning at Lynnes over the New Year weekend rearranging her room.  After a decision to limit my space she had much more room to spread her table out and move the cutting table to another spot which gave much more room for the ironing board.

We tested out the new space yesterday afternoon after I had finished work working on the Secret Squirrel quilt and it was good.  We currently have 3 rows each to complete and join before our next get together in two weeks when we hope to join our rows together and then shop for a backing fabric and look into quilting.  Its quite exciting to see it come together and it looks beautiful.


2016 is here and this year I am going to try to blog more about our quilting adventures.

I think I/We need a Plan for 2016   Firstly looking back we did some good work last year mainly small quilts for other people and a couple of classes. This year I would like to commit to finishing some of the large projects I have underway. Most importantly I need to finish the 2013 BOM which really started it all.  It only requires quilting and binding and the quilting is half done not necessarily well done but as my lovely daughter said Finished is better then perfect.!!!

So here we go and not necessarily in this order.

2013 BOM
Secret Squirrel quilt
Midori float
Snap Shots
Wishes Quilt along
Handsewn Hexe quilt for Easter show 2017
Start and finish my King size bed quilt
Westalee quilts
AQC - Michelle's creation Kasuria
Possible memory quilt for Dad's 90th
Plan a quilt for Brenda's 70th Birthday

So lets see how we go hopefully these will all be done by 2017.