Monday, 10 March 2014

BLOCKS 8, 9 and 2

Block 8 Mystery Block of the Month

Well at last we got a chance to get together and work on our Blocks lots to do today we were very ambitious and thought we would get through 4 blocks in one day.  Ha not sure what we were thinking but we did quite well and did 3 blocks.

The first two blocks we attacked were our Mystery Block 8 and Block 9 which are 2 more houses so they were quite straight forward and we had them finished easily by lunch time.  We are very happy with the finished blocks.  These are slowly becoming much easier to understand and complete as we read and learn more about quilting.

Block 8

Block 9
After some lunch and time spent watching Fat Quarter Shop Video on our wishes quilt block 2, it was time to attack this one.  It took some time to get our heads around these many triangles and we watched the video a couple of time during the process, but we got there in the end. Mine was finished just in time for dinner with the hubbies and Lynne, who of course had to take time out to get dinner completed hers later in the week.  We still have one Wishes block to complete for this month so hopefully we will be able to get together before the next one is out :-)

Wishes Block 2

Of course there is always a happy hour :-)  I was just hoping that this one didn't add to our confusion with these triangles :-)