Friday, 31 January 2014


The old girl (my mum's Bernina 740 Favorit) had a small problem several weeks ago I dropped the peddle and after a short while it stopped working :-(  My son had a look at it and found that it had a serious crack which because it's very old Bakelite it was not repairable.   Soo....  off to our trusty sewing machine repairman and the prognosis was good, he was able to find me a replacement for only $25.... BARGAIN.

I was sternly told to look after it and don't drop it as these type of peddles although available in quite good condition are getting very old and brittle..  I am now very careful how I handle this one :-)

"New" Peddle

Monday, 20 January 2014



Finally we get the opportunity to work together in Lynne's new craft room.  It looks great and set up is perfect for us.

Our first job today was a trip to spotlight as I unfortunately or fortunately forgot my cutting board.  It was decided with a push from my hubby to go and buy a new one that I could leave in the craft room.   This was a great idea as I hate having to transport my board.

So after a successful shopping trip we started on block 7 this one was one of the more straight forward blocks,  I dare not say easy because none of them are really easy just more "straight forward".  It all went together very well and we are both happy with the finished result and with the performance of the new room.


 After a very yummy lunch and a short break it was into our new project "Wishes Quilt Along".  First job with this one was to set up Lynne's laptop to play through the TV, we are not always super good at IT but we got it working quite easily. We could then watch the You Tube video from Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop describing the requirements and the making of the first block.

Then it was time to start, this is always a little daunting with something totally new and the backing material was such a big piece :-/ but we managed to get it all cut.  Although I had some very frustrating problems with the measurements on my new mat and cut TWO squares wrong.  Now of course I hope that I have enough materials left for the rest of the blocks. "We can always order more" is my favourite saying :-)

We were very happy with the finished product and it was time for a swim and dinner with the family.

Its great to be back into quilting after a busy Christmas/New Year break, and we are looking forward to our next day.

Pam and Lynne


Thursday, 16 January 2014



We couldn't resist this new project which we ordered sometime last year from the Fat Quarter Shop.  The material has started to arrive and the patterns are downloaded from their website monthly along with a great little video on how to complete the each block.

With some luck we will be able to start this one this weekend along with our usual block of the month.  Fingers crossed that it all arrives on time.


It's been a while since I posted but the "Festive Season" has taken up most of our time and we have done very little in the way of sewing but its over now and we are about to get back at it.

Scattered Pins and Scraps now has a home of its own.  Lynne has converted one of her spare rooms into a craft room.  Its will be so much easier for us now with a place set aside where we can spread our "stuff" around.

Looking forward to our first session this Sunday :-)

Pam and Lynne