Sunday, 27 October 2013



I have been doing some more online research and we have so much more to learn.  In researching Foundation Paper Piecing I came across "Dear Jane"   This is a quilt done in the 1800's by  Jane A. Blakely Stickle.  Its an amazing quilt and the patterns are available on the web site I have ordered the book and am hoping to get us started on the "The Two Hundred Twenty-Five Patterns".  Maybe this will be our retirement project :-) 

In the mean time I think we need to at least try Foundation Paper Piecing and maybe take some classes in quilting as most of what we have done has been from what we learnt online and from asking questions and there is so much more to learn about quilting.



Well after an anxious week where Lynne's Block 5 arrived and mine didn't and some correspondence with the Fat Quarter Shop mine finally arrived on Friday just in time for an extra quilting day on Saturday.

Although this one looked quite complicated it turned to be fun to do as long as we followed the instructions and we were both very happy with the results.

My son gave me a mini iron for my birthday and this was our first time using it. I am very happy with it saves some walking back and forwards to the ironing board between seams.

Mini Iron in progress

Block 5
After our block was finished we each moved onto different projects.    Lynne started on a Scrappy bag. Mine was a rag quilt my hubby requested for the dog's bed, as it was quite small I had it put together by  dinner time. I am sure there will be photos to follow when both these projects are finished.
There is always a happy hour on quilting days.
Happy Hour


Monday, 21 October 2013



Well it  happened our block 5 didn't arrive on time for the allotted day. Disaster !!  Well not really we can always find something else to do.  We both have several projects ready to start not to mention I have at least 1 under construction.  So today it was a trip to the Craft Depot to check it out, although Lynne has been there several times I hadn't been there. So after some morning tea we toddled off. It's a great shop full of all sorts of quilting stuff!.  We both made some purchases and set off back home to start a new project. 

Our project in the afternoon was another pattern I found online called  "Snap to it"  A cute little bag made from a 10" square and some pieces of a retractable tape measure used to close it.  As always these projects are a bit confusing the first time and after some deciphering of the instructions, re reading and some unpicking to round off the edges of the tape which was quite sharp they were finished just in time for "Happy Hour"  

Today was also the opening of Lynne and Hubby's pool for the summer season so a swim was in order before a yummy dinner.

Snap to it!